在进行职前培训, 双学位 项目指南

好用的足球外围app学院为专业预科项目的学生提供了一条清晰的研究生道路,包括联合健康(如医疗保健)., 物理治疗), 体育训练, 牙科, 法律, 医学, 药店, 神学院, 兽医学.

在以下内容中,您将找到帮助您理解课程作业的资源和指南, 体验式学习机会, and requirements for application to a graduate professional school.

Professional schools generally require either completion of an undergraduate major or, 如果是双学位课程, specific coursework which permits entry into the partner institution’s program.

The pre-professional programs below include a selection of common professional fields; please note that these are 不是专业的. Major in whatever interests you most and pursue one of these careers. 许多专业学校要求在某一特定学术领域(例如, 牙科学校需要大量的生物学知识, 化学, 和数学), 所以至少在相关领域修个辅修, 除了主修另一个领域, 是可以实现的. 追求专业预科成果的学生需要在他们的本科课程中取得成功, 取得有竞争力的平均绩点(至少3分).5 for most professional schools) prior to submitting applications, 一般在高年级的夏季或秋季.

Please note that the dual degree timeline for Mercer Law 3 + 3 program. 除了最低GPA要求之外, professional schools require competitive scores on standardized tests (eg.(法学院入学考试). Applications may be further strengthened by engaging in career-related internships, 本科研究, 志愿者工作, 还有课外活动. 


你需要见多识广,有条理. 你有责任确保你的所有材料在申请截止日期之前到达项目. 您可以为您的应用程序做的最好的事情是 早期应用.  顾问会帮助你, 但是你应该尽可能多地了解申请过程和要求,以最大限度地提高你成功的机会. Please keep in mind that entrance into professional schools is extremely competitive and not guaranteed; persistence and having a parallel career plan is essential. 3 + 3法律双学位课程的要求和时间表位于本指南中的专业预科课程描述之后. 










除了指导老师之外,还有 好用的足球外围app学院职业发展中心 is a valuable resource, particularly for experiential learning (internship) opportunities. 

  • CareerEco虚拟活动 全年都有,让学生可以直接与研究生项目的招生代表或各个领域的雇主聊天. 
  • 专业协会 in any given industry often have many resources for students considering that field, 包括奖学金, 网络, 以及职业建议. 学生的资源通常是免费的, and these organizations often offer a discounted student membership rate. 例如美国兽医学院协会或美国律师协会. 请参阅每个建议资源部分中的建议.
  • GivePulse 使用这个应用程序可以找到当前的联系信息和志愿者的机会与当地组织已经明确表示需要志愿者.
  • 好用的足球外围app学院校友 女校友 are incredibly willing to share their knowledge about various career paths, 并且经常能把你和有价值的资源联系起来. 好用的足球外围app在全国各地都有校友分会, and the 女校友 Affairs Office can connect you to those groups. 你也可以通过访问好用的足球外围app学院的LinkedIn页面找到你感兴趣领域的校友, 点击左侧的“校友”选项卡. 从那里,用关键词或短语搜索校友. Then, message alumnae in your field and ask to schedule informational interviews with them. 在信息性面试中, you're simply asking for advice on searching and succeeding in that industry. This is a great way to build your professional network and get insider information. Check out this article for more tips on informational interviews.  
  • 寻找经验 早点出发, and utilize a variety of resources including online postings, 与校友进行信息采访, 教授的建议, 以及职业发展中心. 这取决于你的领域, 紫色的公文包, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor may be good places to start; 然而, 一定要查看预专业建议页面,找到适合你所在领域的具体研究/实习资源. 夏季课程的截止日期通常在早春, 所以,从去年秋天开始你的暑期求职吧. Make sure to talk to the CCD about the process for counting your internship, 研究, 或有PDE 400要求的实习经验.
  • 寻找夏季住房  Some corporate or university-sponsored summer programs provide housing, while some do not. Make sure to consider housing if you’re doing a summer internship in a new city. 
  • 测试准备 Several platforms provide free test preparation courses or resources, including 可汗学院. 另外, 图书馆和职业发展中心都有备考书籍供你借阅.
  • 我可以用专业做什么... 这个文件夹容纳了 好用的足球外围app学院提供的每个专业的信息表, 具体列出你可以进入的专业领域, 根据你的专业,你可以工作的雇主类型, 以及成功的策略
Do I need to take a standardized test to apply to graduate school?

Most graduate schools require that you take a standardized test (MCAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.) and that you send in your scores as part of your application. 许多专业预科课程的学生应该在大三的春季参加任何要求的标准化考试. 然而, 你参加考试的确切时间取决于你的研究生院申请截止日期和考试提供时间. Check with the testing agency and with your graduate schools to see which test they require, 以及他们收到成绩的最后期限. Note that it takes some time for the testing agency to send your scores to the schools. 


滚动录取制度是指,招生委员会在收到申请后,先审查申请,然后录取候选人. 不采用滚动录取的研究生院会在截止日期前审查所有申请, 然后从整个池子里录取申请者. If the schools you are applying to use a rolling admissions process, 好用的足球外围app强烈建议你在申请周期开始后尽早提交申请. This gives you the best chance at admission and financial aid.

Do I need to send transcripts to graduate schools as part of my application?

大多数研究生院要求你提交你所上过的每一所学校的成绩单. Wesleyan's registrar’s office (Tate Hall) processes all official transcript requests. You can download free unofficial copies of your transcripts from the Portal. Make sure to check whether your schools want official or unofficial transcripts.

Is there any financial assistance available to help me cover testing and application fees?

Many tests offer fee reimbursement options for students who qualify. Check the “fees” section of each test website to find more information, 如果你需要帮助申请适当的豁免,请联系职业发展中心.


你可能会发现一些实习或研究项目为国际学生提供有限的资金, 或者根本不接受国际学生. 然而, 许多好用的足球外围app的国际学生在好用的足球外围app教授的指导下完成了实习和研究, 与校内部门合作, 好用的足球外围app校友在他们的领域, 与私人机构合作, or with other university professors through an independent 研究 experience. The Center for 职业发展 can provide additional resources, as well as an updated list of sites that have hosted international students in the past.


If you are an international student completing an internship or 研究 experience, 你必须首先1)申请并获得CPT授权,2)在完成你的经验时注册PDE 400课程或452实习课程. These requirements ensure that you stay in compliance with your visa. 一旦你知道你打算完成实习或研究,就和职业发展中心谈谈, CCD会引导你完成这个过程.


当你申请研究生院时, 你可能需要参加托福考试并提交你的成绩. 确保你知道学校对这方面的要求.


Setting your sights on a career in a professional field such as 法律, 医学, 牙科, 兽医, 或者药房是一个挑战, 但是可以实现的, 目标. 严酷的现实, 然而, is that not all applicants to these highly competitive programs are accepted. 除了, 随着学生对专业领域的了解越来越多,或者随着他们获得了接触其他职业选择的经验,他们经常会改变自己的职业目标. For these reasons, parallel planning is an essential part of your professional preparation. 

  • Consider whether you might find related careers just as fulfilling. 例如, 如果你想成为医学博士, you should also consider osteopathic medical (DO) programs and podiatry (DPM) schools. physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs might also be areas to explore. Anesthesiologist assistant could be a fulfilling career as well.
  • 有许多专业领域可供选择. 公共卫生硕士学位可能符合你的兴趣. 如果你喜欢计算机,医学信息学是一个热门领域. You could always apply to the professional program you want after your master’s is complete.
  • Many pre-法律 students are hoping to help make people’s lives better. They can often do that through graduate study in social work, 公共卫生, 慈善事业, 或者公共政策项目. 一些新的法学院法学硕士(MSL)项目允许学生获得法律背景知识,而不必花费时间和金钱去成为一名律师. 律师助理项目也可能非常适合他们,因为他们正在进入一些新的实践领域.
  • 要记住的最重要的事情之一是,如果你在大三结束时申请,那么你的大四及之后的一年仍然很重要. Many students end up re-submitting what was essentially a failed application; therefore, 使您的下一个应用程序成为最好的应用程序. 在大四的时候保持好成绩, 获得更多的专业经验, 继续做志愿者工作.
  • 问问自己:如果我休学一年再申请(或再次申请),我能做些什么来提高我的资历和经验?? What is my realistic (and attainable) plan for this “gap year” that helps me move forward? 
  • 很多人在再次申请时都被录取了. 所以继续努力,继续建立你的证书. 在申请的时候要聪明,对自己的资格要求要严格,这样你才能切实地为再次申请做计划.
  • Discuss your parallel plan in collaboration with your academic advisor, 专业前顾问, 以及好用的足球外围app职业中心. 
  • 在你申请专业学校的同时,准备实施你的平行计划. 

*改编自 www.罗经航向.普渡大学.edu


好用的足球外围app学院有幸管理许多艺术和文化活动,并与社区分享. 大多数都是免费向公众开放的. Wesleyan art galleries are open M-F 1-5PM and on 好用的足球外围app市场 Saturdays from 10AM-2PM.



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